Ways to Boost Your Chances of IVF

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Ways to Boost Your Chances of IVF

Success rate?

Are you planning to get the IVF treatment done or are you already on the journey? If the answer to both the questions is yes, certainly you must be looking out for the ways that can help you with enhancing your chances of IVF success rate. 

The success rate of IVF in our country differs within the range of 30%- 35% for every embryo transfer. It means that many couples don’t achieve success in their first attempt at the IVF cycle. The next option for such a couple is to choose the IVF second cycle. 

IVF journey can be emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally draining. So, it is always better to prepare yourself beforehand in every aspect so that you can deal with any kind of situation throughout the journey. Crysta IVF, the leading IVF service provider is helping aspiring couples across India to avail of the best and personalized IVF Treatment.

This write-up will explain ways to enhance your chances of IVF success. However, first, let’s have a look at some of the key findings. 

Key findings 

  • As per the reports, around 50% of IVF procedures in females aged 35 and below resulted in a live birth. 
  • Age plays an important role in the IVF success for any couple. 
  • IVF is not 100 percent successful, however, works best when a couple or an individual is younger. 
  • IVF is identified to usually have a higher success rate than natural conception. 

So, before we begin discussing the tips that can help you with enhancing IVF success rate, let’s talk about the variables first affecting its success rate. 

Variable influencing IVF success rate 

Key factors are there that influence the chances of IVF success rate. Let’s find out what are those: 

  • Age 
  • Reasons related to reproductive struggles 
  • Past pregnancies 
  • Number of IVF cycles any couple has already completed 
  • Choosing the fertility clinic 
  • Using own eggs or donor’s 
  • Eggs quality and quantity 
  • Sperm quality and quantity 
  • Uterus lining receptiveness for implantation 
  • Transferred number of embryos 

These are the key factors dominating the success rate of IVF so it is important that the renowned fertility clinic with the best fertility experts are chosen. Their years of experience prove to be useful when you are expecting success. 

Ways to enhance your chances of IVF success 

The first step to enhancing IVF Success is to visit diagnostic centre and get the analysis done. Apart from that, some of the ways that will help you with optimizing your chances of IVF success. 

  • Healthy body weight 

The very first thing you need to ensure if you want to achieve IVF success is maintaining a healthy weight. As per one study, being underweight or obese can lead to increasing the trials for a successful IVF treatment. 

So, if you are overweight or underweight, make sure to do something about it. You need to monitor your body mass index or BMI often. Getting in touch with the nutritionist or dietician will be useful for you before beginning the treatment. 

  • Lifestyle

Are you leading a sedentary lifestyle? If you do, then you must know that it would be difficult to achieve a high IVF success rate. Your lifestyle can affect the IVF cycle both physiologically and psychologically. 

If you are into smoking and drinking alcohol regularly, then not only it is affecting your overall health adversely but also reducing the chances of IVF success. So, make sure you eat healthy, limit junk food consumption, and include exercise in your daily routine. Little changes go a long way. 

  • Finding the right clinic and fertility expert 

Choosing the right IVF doctor and IVF clinic is very important when anticipating IVF success rate by age. It is up to you when it comes to picking your doctor and fertility clinic. Make sure to choose the centre with a high success rate. 

Once you choose the desired clinic, get in touch with a fertility expert having years of experience in the field and who holds a good reputation. 

The fertility clinic is crucial as the technology and lab equipment they use for the treatment help in determining the success rate to a huge extent. 

  • Reduce stress 

Stress badly affects the reproductive organs and diminishes the chances of IVF success rate. It is quite normal to feel anxious when you are on the journey of fertility treatment, although you have to find time as well so that you can de-stress. 

Get yourself indulged in meditation, you can include techniques for gentle breathing. Breathing exercise helps in reducing stress massively and allowing your body to operate at its best. 

  • Avoid ejaculation 

It is recommended that males mustn’t ejaculate for three to four days before giving the sperm. If it is possible, then one must also ensure refraining from sexual intercourse. It will enhance the sperm count and hence, you can anticipate a good chance of IVF success rate.  

There is one tip also, ensure getting the semen analyzed before the process to check the sperm quality as it keeps changing over time. 

  • Eating plenty of good fats 

As per the research, it is found that women should include foods rich in monounsaturated fats. It benefits them in achieving pregnancy through IVF techniques. Monounsaturated food items involve good fats that help in protecting the heart, lower inflammation in the body, and enhance fertility. 

So, make sure to include food like avocados, seeds, sunflower oil, olive oil, etc. It is important as this helps with the fetus growth. You must also understand the fact that these food items will not ensure guaranteed success but certainly can enhance your chances of IVF success. 

  • Limit vigorous exercise 

While it is important to exercise regularly, however, vigorous exercise can cause a reduction in fertility levels among females and lowers the chances of IVF success. Heavy exercise leads to causing failure during implantation and loss of pregnancy. 

Hence, ensure going easy around the IVF process and choosing exercises that are of low intensity like swimming, dancing, yoga, or walking. 


Last words 

IVF treatment is not a one-day story, there are couples who have to give it a try on a second attempt as well. Patience is the key when you are on your IVF journey. You have to understand that chances of IVF success depend on varied factors like reproductive battles, overall health, and the chosen clinic. 

If you are considering IVF treatment, it is always a good idea to get in touch with the Best IVF Clinic in Delhi NCR. They can assist you with evaluating your success chances precisely, keeping in mind your clinical history and personal situation. 

We know that IVF can be traumatizing for you, although certain ways are there which will help you in enhancing your likelihood of success. We hope that this write-up would have been helpful to you.

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