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There is no Instagram marketing method without hashtags. But, just because you must include hashtags to be successful in your marketing approach on Instagram does not mean that you can utilize any hashtag you’d like. Making the wrong choice of hashtags can result in a disastrous outcome. However, it is a good idea to select the correct hashtag; you can help make sure you succeed with your marketing strategy and the growth of Instagram followers.

We’ll provide all the details you need about using hashtags on Instagram in this post. We’ll cover the entire subject in this article, from knowing how hashtags function on Insta to employing them to help your marketing strategy. This is why you should read it!

Introduction to Instagram Hashtags 

Hashtags on Insta function precisely like they function in other places. Their purpose is to help make content easier to discover by classifying it. Each of the hashtags begins by using the symbol that can be followed by letters or numbers. E.g., #photooftheday. All hashtags can be clicked on, and when you click the hashtag, it will display all posts in which the hashtag was utilized.

In terms of reasons you should use hashtags throughout your Instagram posts, the main reason is greater reach and the growing following on Instagram. Many Insta users mostly follow hashtags. Therefore, if you include hashtags in a post, and if a hashtag in your post and someone other than your follower follows the hashtag, the Insta user will see the post. You can also utilize hashtags in Instagram Stories.

The consistent use of hashtags will help create a brand identity and create an online community. This can encourage people to take part and also. The correct use of hashtags will increase free Instagram followers, strengthening your brand’s position in the Instagram community.

Is it effective to use popular hashtags?

#instagood and #love are two of Instagram’s most well-known hashtags. Making use of these hashtags can be a double-edged weapon. On the other side, they are also the most searched for. Hashtags are the ones that are most popularly followed as well as search. Therefore, adding them to your Insta posts may appear like the best method to be discovered by new users. However, as they are the most searched for and are the most searched-for, your post will likely appear like the drop of an ocean.

Ideally, use an assortment of hashtags, such as well-known and some specific. This can increase the likelihood of your posts getting noticed not only by a wider group of people but also by the intended audience specific to your particular niche.

How many hashtags do you need to use per post?

Instagram lets users add as many as 30 hashtags for each post. If you’re sharing an Instagram story, it’s possible to include as many as 10 hashtags within it. But even though you’re allowed to use 30 hashtags does not mean it’s the best idea to utilize all 30. If you take a look at the hashtags from some of the most popular brands, you’ll see that for each post, the number of hashtags can range from 3 to 11.

It all comes about the brand’s personality you’re trying to establish. It is also important to ensure that you’re using hashtags relevant to your company. For instance, the fact that #love is one of the most used Instagram hashtags does not mean you can’t include the hashtag in all your posts, particularly when your company has nothing to do.

In recent years, Instagram’s moderators have been quite strict, and pages that use too many irrelevant hashtags were penalized through shadowbans. Therefore, it’s crucial that you only use relevant hashtags and refrain from resorting to making use of excessive hashtags to the point of extending the audience for your posts. Insta moderators are also known to adopt a firm stance against hashtags like #follow4follow and #like4like hashtags – hashtags intended to get more Instagram likes and followers.

Find trending hashtags

To find out what the most popular hashtags can be, Twitter offers users a listing of the most popular hashtags currently trending. In contrast, Instagram doesn’t do that. If you’re looking to find out what the top trending hashtags for Insta are, here’s what you have to do:

  • Type the hashtag you’d like to look upon your mobile device and click the Tags option. Using Insta via your computer, go to the search bar and type in the hashtag. It is necessary to type in the # symbol on desktop and mobile before any other information.
  • When you click “search,” Instagram shows you the top popular hashtags that will be changing from one day until the following.

While it’s pretty tempting to include a trending Instagram hashtag, you should stick to the ‘use-it-only-if-it’s-relevant’ policy.

The types of hashtags on Instagram

In total, there are 9 kinds of hashtags that you can make use of on Instagram. Let’s look at the hashtags in this section.

  • Product or service hashtags: These are the most basic kinds of hashtags you can make use of on Instagram. Incorporating these hashtags are crucial, particularly in the case of an item or service you want to market. For instance, #smartphone and #laptop are two of them.
  • Insta Community hashtags: Insta community hashtags let users participate in hashtag communities. For example, #artistsofinstagram and #musiciansofinstagram. If you wish for the content of your posts to be discovered by a larger audience, then this is the kind of hashtag that you need to use.
  • Niche hashtags: Niche hashtags are most likely the most significant hashtags to utilize on Instagram. Using these hashtags can assist people in understanding the area that you are operating within. For instance, #foodblogger, and #travelvlogger.
  • Location hashtags aren’t essential to incorporate into your Insta posts, particularly when you’ve already geotagged them. If, however, people are looking for specific locations hashtags such as #incredibleindia, these hashtags can make it much easier to get the posts to be discovered—for instance, #londoneats and #incredibleindia.
  • Special or seasonal event hashtags: If your post is devoted to the season of your choice or a specific event, these hashtags could be a good idea—for instance, #worldmusicday or #winterdays.
  • Relevant phrase hashtags: Relevant phrase hashtags generally include a mixture of community, niche, and brand hashtags. The majority of people use these hashtags to join the existing Insta communities.
  • Daily hashtags: If you’re publishing content every day on Instagram and you’re using daily hashtags such as #FridayNightFever and #SaturdayBlues is a good idea.
  • Emoji hashtags: Emoji hashtags don’t serve a major purpose. People mostly create them to make them popular to have amusement.
  • Acronym hashtags: Acronym hashtags like #YOLO (you only live only once), as well as the hashtag #TBT (throwback Thursday), have become quite popular in Insta circles since their usage of hashtags on the platform began to become a common practice.

How to find hashtags that are relevant to your company?

If you’ve learned many details about Instagram hashtags and hashtags, it’s about time we shared with you some tricks and tips to identify relevant hashtags that fit your business.

Check your target audience’s hashtag use.

 If a certain hashtag is popular in your targeted audience, then it’s likely that others are also using it. It is essential to keep track of the hashtags which are the most popularly utilized by your intended audience and apply them to all of your posts. This will enable your posts to appear in the huge Instagram communities. This can be beneficial in identifying people who might be interested in the products or services you offer. Best instagram editor site pocuki.

Create different hashtags to distinguish yourself from the crowd 

Whatever your industry maybe, you’ll find a great likelihood that your competition is employing several common hashtags. If the competition is established and you’re just beginning your journey, the best option would be to slightly alter the current hashtags and develop something new that is unique to you. This can help your brand be part of an Instagram community and distinguish itself from the competitors.

Branded hashtags are the most effective to increase brand awareness 

If you want people to know about your company’s name through hashtags, you must create a brand-name hashtag. The brand-name hashtag is used regularly across all of your posts. This could result in people becoming aware of your brand as time passes. This is essential if you wish your Instagram image to grow over time.

You can also use the turn to Related Hashtags feature to target particular audiences. 

When you go to the Instagram hashtag page there are two tabs Top and Recent. Over these tabs, users will see some related hashtags available to explore when you swipe to the left. These related hashtags are a bit more niche than the usual keyword-based hashtags. But, they are highly effective in getting your message out to a certain group of people. They are also highly effective in reaching out to specific audiences. Hashtags also have relatively low competition.

Beware of hashtags that are not allowed from Instagram: 

Instagram has banned various hashtags due to their connection with unsuitable content, which is clearly in violation of Insta’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. To determine if you’re aware that a hashtag is prohibited or not, you should find it before applying it to your posts. If a particular hashtag is not permitted, Instagram will notify you are after posting the results.


That’s all the information you need to be aware of the usage of hashtags on Insta. Before we end this post, We’d like to talk about Mr. Insta and its services. With Mr. Insta, you can buy Instagram followers, views, and likes to increase the popularity of your Instagram page.

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